My! How blogful!

So, the world of blogging. How intruigeful. 

A place where word limits are forbidden and so opinions and anecdotes are as likely to appear as your previously mislaid front door key after having the locks changed last week.

Inevitable. And dare I say, at times, a little annoying.

Particularly when you have read all the way through a blog post and still don’t really know what the writer is trying to tell you exactly. That is most certainly very irritating and also shows a lack of both writing concisely and also courtesy towards the fatigued reader.

And yet here I am writing a blog.
“Why! This must be the biggest hypocrite in the world”, I hear you say. “We are half way down this post and we still don’t know what he’s getting to!”

Very true indeed. A fine deducement.

Well, cutting to the chase (always the best part of any action film I find), this blog will be all about words.

The power of words. The meaning of words. Words of all shapes and sizes.

Often, I shall aim to talk about literary works and my opinions on these texts-as surely these works show the true power of words?
But I also hope to post about other interesting observations or points which I think are relevant to the topic of English.

For this is what the blog is about. English and my enthusiasm for it.
Perhaps no-one will ever read nor care about my opinions on English, nor my enthusiasm for it.

But alas, I fear this is what blogging is all about. Endlessly utter and hope for the best.

“I can resist everything but temptation.” – Oscar Wilde


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