Poll: What are your favourite literary classics?

So I am one of these people who like to search things on the internet like: “Classics Everyone Should Read” and “100 Books You Must Read Before You Die” etc. This probably isn’t the best way to find out about books that I might like to read in future, as there are many books that will be missing from these lists that are very good in their own right.

But I still do it anyway. Can’t help it.

Having read a number of these lists however it always amazes me how much variation there is from one to the next. Of course there are books that are on literally every single one of these ‘ULTIMATE’ lists, for example Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. But there are sometimes very notable differences between lists.

This is undoubtedly because each list is, to a degree, affected by the bias of the people who are asked to choose what literary classics they prefer. What one person says is a ‘must-read’ might be the most hated book of another person.

However, because of the number of serial offenders so to speak, there must be some literary works that are generally perceived to be better than others. And as popularity is one of the factors that decides whether a literary work is a classic or not, this would make sense.

So I have created my own poll so as to see what people genuinely like as I am genuinely interested in collecting some data first hand! I have made a list of 25 books written in the English Language that have all been top serial offenders on a number of lists out there and the poll is open NOW. You can choose up to 3 books on the list. Please take a minute to vote on it and I look forward to seeing what results come up! The link is here: https://criticaldan4th.wordpress.com/poll-what-are-your-favourite-literary-classics/

Please comment if you feel there has been a major injustice in terms of me not putting on a literary classic which you think you should blatantly be on there or indeed the opposite.


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